How to organize contacts on Iphone: 2024 guide

Discover how to easily organize your iPhone contacts like a pro. Learn how to chose the best cloud service for seamless syncing across devices. Get tips for managing duplicates, contact lists and custom labels to make your address book work for you. Say goodbye to contact chaos!

How to merge VCF files: 2024 Guide

Drowning in a sea of scattered VCF files? Learn how to easily merge your contacts into one organized address book. We explore the benefits of combining VCFs, share expert tips, and walk you through multiple methods – from online tools to command line tricks. Say goodbye to contact chaos and hello to streamlined digital networking.

CRM vs Contact Management handwritten in pen on a note book to set the scene for the article.

CRM vs Contact Management: Best business solution in 2024

CRM and contact management software both help manage customer data, but which is the best fit for your business? Discover the key differences between these systems and learn how to choose the optimal solution for your needs.

CardDAV Server: Guide to Contact Synchronization

Discover how CardDAV, the unsung hero of contact synchronization, keeps your digital address book consistent and up-to-date across devices. This comprehensive guide explores the inner workings of CardDAV servers, their benefits, and how to choose between self-hosting and using a CardDAV-enabled contact management system like Contactzilla.

Quick Guide: Sync Outlook 365 Contacts with iPhone

Without setting up an Exchange server, getting contacts in sync between Microsoft 365/Outlook and iCloud is, frankly, more difficult than it should be. In fact, even with an Exchange account it can be problematic. A prospective customer recently contacted us for help stating: “When I tried creating something that would work like shared folders in […]

Quick guide: Convert VCF to CSV

Convert vCard (VCF) files to CSV format with ease using this comprehensive guide. Learn various methods including Google Contacts, Windows, and online tools to ensure your contacts are efficiently managed and accessible. Ideal for syncing contacts across devices, integrating with CRM systems, and organizing contact data.

Quick Guide: Convert CSV to vCard Format – 2024 update

Learn how to convert CSV files to vCard format for seamless contact management across various platforms. This guide covers multiple methods including Google Contacts, Mac Contacts, Windows Contacts, and online converters. Understand the benefits and compatibility of different vCard versions to ensure efficient contact transfers.

Header image of Gillian Kerr giving advice on Networking strategies.

The Art of Authentic Networking with Gillian Kerr

“One random message on LinkedIn where I said yes to meeting someone I had never met, led to the last 12 great years of business, collaborations, and friendships.”  This week on Networking Success, Gillian Kerr reveals the extraordinary impact of welcoming unexpected encounters. A global business strategist, founder and mentor, Gillian traces her journey spanning […]

Networking for Business Growth with Kevin R Smith

My career has evolved around one contact and opportunity leading to another and another, all opening up doors along the way. Here lies the profound impact of networking. In our latest Networking Success interview, we speak to Kevin R Smith, the Founder & CEO of BOOM & Partners, a multi award-winning boutique business consultancy dedicated […]

Find Business Contacts: Best Places for Networking

Contacts are at the centre of any business. Whether they’re your team, customers, suppliers, investors or influencers, your business contacts can make or break you. In a previous post, we looked at how you can build meaningful business relationships that last In a rapidly changing professional landscape, maintaining and expanding one’s network has become increasingly […]

How to Organize your Contacts | Guide to Business Contact Organization

Discover the benefits of organizing your business contacts efficiently to improve marketing efforts, enhance customer relationships, and boost sales. This blog post outlines practical steps for contact management, including centralizing, categorizing, and securing your contacts. Learn how to streamline communication, enhance productivity, and maintain ongoing updates for a well-managed contact database. Perfect for businesses looking to optimize their networking and relationship-building efforts.

Innovative business leader Solvej Biddle in the Netowrking Success header image

From inventor to inspirational business leader with Solvej Biddle

How do you turn a spark of an idea into a multi-award-winning international brand? In our latest Networking Success interview, Solvej Biddle shares her outstanding journey. She recognised a common challenge she faced as a parent and transformed it into an innovative solution for families worldwide. She secured partnerships with industry giants and became a […]