The Remote Team Rolodex

A no nonsense online service making contact management within remote teams seamless.
On site, in the office, or on the road.

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Secure & Trusted

We’ve been around since 2007. All connections are 256bit encrypted, and we keep our noses out of your contact data.


No expensive or confusing CRMs. If you just want to manage contacts, Contactzilla does the job with no fuss or bother.

Remote Teams

Each of your remote team stays in sync in real time or can access the web interface (if you decide).

How it works...

Add unlimited contacts to unlimited ‘Address Books’ and then share with your team. Whenever a contact is updated the team is instantly updated.

Step 1. Securely upload your contacts

Step 2. Organise & manage contact data

Step 3. Add your team members

Step 4. Synchronise devices

Simple, transparent pricing...

Contact us if you're an NGO or charity and we'll give you a better price.

Per User

One simple monthly price. No messing about.

$5/ month
  • Unlimited Address Books
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Device Syncing
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