Workplace Hack: Reduce Interruptions With a Point Sheet

With IM and email on the cards, its become a lot easier to pop quick questions to your coworkers throughout the day. While opening up communication is certainly a good thing for businesses and organizations, it also means that we’re having to deal with interruptions more and more frequently.

Workplace Hack: The Distraction Chair

Getting distracted is natural. Facebook and Twitter notifications, incoming emails, text messages and strange interesting conversations going on in the office are all likely to distract us from our work.

Workplace Hack: The Waiting-For List

One of the most important things you can do to boost your productivity is learn to delegate effectively. If you don’t have time to do something, and it needs doing, get someone else to do it. But how do you keep track of tasks that you’ve delegated?

Workplace Hack: The 1-3-5 To-Do List

It’s safe to say we’re all pretty much sold on the to-do list. While most of us keep to-do lists to help us remember what we actually need to get done, staying on top of them, and ticking off items, can be a nightmare.

Workplace Hack: Boost Productivity and Feel Good With the Guilt Hour

When was the last time you put something off? I’m willing to bet there’s at least a couple of items on your to-do list that have been there a while. You keep meaning to get them done, but they can wait, and you’d rather be doing something else. While prioritization is key to productivity, getting […]

Workplace Hack: The Daily Interruption Memo

While I keep all of my to-dos stored electronically, I tend to start each day by planning what I’m going to do on paper. While this is generally a good system, something pretty much always crops up that I haven’t allocated time for.