Some of the Features our Customers Love

(Which we think you'll love too)

Unlimited Contacts

There's no limits to the amount of contacts that you can add or manage in a single address book.

Unlimited Address Books

Have as many address books as you need for all the teams, departments, and groups in your organisation.

Instant Team Updates

When your team is synced to Contactzilla their phones, tablets and PC's are automatically updated even without the website open.

SSL encryption to keep your contacts secure

Every connection to Contactzilla runs through 256bit SSL

Powerful searching and filtering for organizing contacts

Search by any field, filter by tags and smart tags to give you just the view that you need.

It's your data

We can't even access your data, never mind share it with anyone else and if you want to, you can export all of your contacts quickly and easily.

Easy to get set up

No software to install, just create an account, add contacts, add team members, sync your devices.

Import your contacts

Import contacts from social networks and a fast growing number of business tools, and and intelligent CSV import for LinkedIn, Outlook and Salesforce.

Custom Fields

Every address book can have its own set of unlimited custom fields. Giving you the flexibility you need for all the different types of people and contexts.

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