Select All Function Now Available

We’ve just added a “select all” function to ContactZilla address books so you can quickly and easily edit contacts in bulk. When you look at an address book, you will now see a checkbox in the top right hand corner telling you how many contacts you’ve selected. To select all your contacts, simply check the […]

Companies can now be contacts

Have you got time for a quick update? We’ve just pushed out a release of Contactzilla which enhances a few small but key areas. You can now set a contact as a company Search has been improved. Search by company, surname or first name Sort by surname or forename globally or per address book Invite […]

Improving the little things

We recently put a new release online, sorry for the delay in the update here. It was a maintenance release where we’ve been improving the little things including some bug fixes and a few minor UX enhancements. We’re gearing up for a full release in May so iterating over the small things and improving them […]

Designing a t-shirt changed our startup branding

I’ve seen so many start-up tees over the years, some amazing, some downright ugly, some high quality and some made of fabric more flammable than gas, despite the pitfalls, we still wanted one for our team and our loyal users and customers. Our goal was to make a tee that people might actually want to […]

FeeAgent logo

Contactzilla FreeAgent integration

We’re very proud to say that FreeAgent have featured Contactzilla on their integrations page, up there with Google Apps and Basecamp. Very cool. Thanks guys. Contactzilla’s integration makes it very easy to import all of your clients into an address book that you can then share with your team. We’ve found it especially good for […]

ZillaSync: Get your contacts on the move with CardDAV

Until now, ContactZilla has been available on all your desktop devices.  We’ve been working on some nifty development allowing ContactZilla to be synced via cardDAV with your mobile devices. Now you can get all your ContactZilla contacts on the move – anytime, anywhere. Your contacts, anywhere ZillaSync, the name we’ve fondly given the feature, is […]

Simple changes, big difference: de-duping contacts

At ContactZilla, our premise is all about making contacts accessible for you and your business.  To make your life even easier, we’re constantly thinking of new ways to make ContactZilla an easy to use, indispensible tool, but most importantly simple.  For us, the best things are simple. We’ve got big plans and a busy development […]

A veritable wonderland of improvements

CZ v2.0 has only been out 3 weeks and already we’ve got a veritable wonderland of improvements. We’ve renamed “Spaces” to “Address Books” – ok, ok, we know. We should’ve done this to start with. We’ve really sped up the scrolling in the contact list. A lot. The contact list has two views. Compact and […]

ContactZilla V2, Spaces and no CRM

We’ve finally released V2 of ContactZilla. Yes! We’re super happy. It’s been a long and sometimes difficult road getting to this point. Tom and I run a small (and growing) online software development company and fitting a huge update like this into a very tight schedule is not always easy. In fact we’ve learnt a […]