Tidy up contacts with Smart Labels

A while ago we introduced the concept of “smart labels” to Contactzilla, originally as a “potential duplicates” label. Whenever Contactzilla “thought” that a contact maybe a duplicate of another it would label it “potential duplicate”, you could then just show these contacts and merge them, delete them; whatever action you thought best. This functionality is now […]

Product Update: Import and Export Custom Fields

We’ve just added the ability to import and export custom fields! A while back, we added custom fields so that you can add whatever information you like alongside your contacts. This makes Contactzilla even more flexible, fitting into your workflow however you want. For example, if you’re using Contactzilla to manage your sales pipeline, you […]

Product Update: Google Sync, Pricing Changes and Amex Payments

It’s been a busy summer so far here at Contactzilla HQ, and boy, do we have some news for you! We’ve just launched Google Contacts sync so you can sync your Contactzilla address books with your Google Contacts and Gmail. A few of you have been asking for this, and we’d love to hear what […]

Meet the Kindle and T-Shirt Winners!

A special congratulations goes out to Ian from BetTech Gaming who takes home the all new Kindle Paperwhite, followed by five lucky ‘Zilla’s who took home a very rare ContactZilla T-Shirt. Keep a look out for the following recipients. ContactZilla T-Shirts are closer than they appear. Andrew – Hilton Wordwide Rebecca – Gensler Matthew – […]

New Feature: Team Based Permissions

In a continued effort to build the best contact manager for small teams and businesses, we’ve just launched what we feel is a great new feature in the battle over managing your contacts. What feature, you ask? Team based permissions on a per address book level! It’s now possible to assign multiple administrators to an […]

Product Update – Notes and reverse name display

We’re constantly improving Contactzilla based on your feedback and our vision of the best contact management system for businesses. Here’s what’s been updated or added recently. Notes We’ve had a lot of people asking us for the ability to add notes to a contact… Notes have been on our radar for a while and while […]

We’re Trending in the Google Chrome Store

You can now find Contactzilla in the Google Chrome Store. We wanted to offer a seamless web experience to help make your contact management a whole lot easier. With Contactzilla via the Chrome Store, you can: Get easy access to quickly launch Contactzilla Import all your Google contacts Take control of your business contacts and […]