How to organize contacts on Iphone: 2024 guide

Discover how to easily organize your iPhone contacts like a pro. Learn how to chose the best cloud service for seamless syncing across devices. Get tips for managing duplicates, contact lists and custom labels to make your address book work for you. Say goodbye to contact chaos!

How to merge VCF files: 2024 Guide

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Quick Guide: Sync Outlook 365 Contacts with iPhone

Without setting up an Exchange server, getting contacts in sync between Microsoft 365/Outlook and iCloud is, frankly, more difficult than it should be. In fact, even with an Exchange account it can be problematic. A prospective customer recently contacted us for help stating: “When I tried creating something that would work like shared folders in […]

Quick guide: Convert VCF to CSV

Convert vCard (VCF) files to CSV format with ease using this comprehensive guide. Learn various methods including Google Contacts, Windows, and online tools to ensure your contacts are efficiently managed and accessible. Ideal for syncing contacts across devices, integrating with CRM systems, and organizing contact data.

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How to setup PeopleSync App to sync Contactzilla using CardDAV on Android

Contactzilla works best with the native iPhone or Mac Contacts CardDAV, however, it’s possible to get Contactzilla working on Android with the addition of a third-party app. One such app is PeopleSync which can be found in the Android Play Store and it works great for syncing your business contacts between your team on android […]