How to Organize your Contacts | Guide to Business Contact Organization

Organizing your business contacts…A treasure trove of potential, if only you could see through the clutter. “For every minute spent organizing an hour is earned” Benjamin Franklin In the world of business time is often equated with money so this presents a compelling case for contact management best practices. Managing contacts is key in business, […]

Innovative CRM strategies with business leader Scott Cundill

As we automate our interactions, are we drifting away from authentic human connection? This question sets the stage for our discussion with Scott Cundill, a pioneer in rethinking how we make genuine connections amidst digital noise. With almost three decades of experience in the CRM and marketing industry, Scott has cemented his status as a […]

Contact management vs CRM: Is CRM Software too Complex for Your Business?

Navigating the sea of online tools for managing contacts and customers can feel overwhelming. The internet is awash with products that can help you, but that do slightly different things. From social CRM through to shared address books, the features of these products overlap, yet cater to diverse needs. For any small business looking to […]

How to Organize Your Contacts to Unite Your Team

As businesses grow, there’s a tendency for different departments to grow apart. How often does your HR team talk to sales? When do your web developers work with the accounts department? As departments drift apart, different people end up keeping track of only the business contacts they think they need, and everyone ends up with […]

Kick Consumer Contact Management Out of the Workplace

Managing your network has never been more important. With an increasing number of opportunities to meet people online (and offline), now is the time to get organised with your contact management. A well organised contact management system like Contactzilla can save you time, help you to build stronger business relationships and improve communication and collaboration […]

A Guide to Complex Sales And How to Win the Deal

The sales process and the stages can be tricky enough as it is, add the difficulty of complex sales and you’ve just jumped into another level of complication. However, the process of complex selling is becoming more and more important to understand with the number of new businesses and total number of founders generally going […]

customer relationships

4 Ways to Own Your Customer Relationships

When a salesman I regularly buy from left his last job, he took a copy of his client list. See what he did there? He owned the relationship he had with me and all of his customers so that when it came time for him to move on, he brought most of us with him. […]

Warning: Putting Your Customers First Is A Big Mistake

“Customer centricity” is popular terminology in the customer service arena today, and it refers to a company-wide focus on the customer. Everyone in the company and everything the company does – every business process, every department – has the customer in mind at all times. It is a powerful way for a company to operate […]

8 Ways to Win With CRM

Everybody tells you that you need a CRM strategy, but nobody explains what that is or how to create one. You’re well-informed enough to know you need to build relationships and focus on customer experience, but without practical advice, those are buzzwords with little meaning for your business.

How to Master & Understand the Power of Sales Linguistics

Think back to that one sales person you encountered who just had the ability to sell anything to anyone and create opportunities in the most outrageous places. Chances are their selling tactics consisted of more than the basic used car dealership tactics.

Is Your CRM Program Falling Flat? Here’s How to Fix It

When it comes to running a successful business, managing and maintaining healthy customer relationships is key. If you are having trouble with the CRM program you currently employ, follow these tips and your customers will return like it’s nobody’s business.