Kick Consumer Contact Management Out of the Workplace

Managing your network has never been more important. With an increasing number of opportunities to meet people online (and offline), now is the time to get organised with your contact management.

A well organised contact management system like Contactzilla can save you time, help you to build stronger business relationships and improve communication and collaboration in your company.

The problem with consumer contact management

Most of us are already using consumer contact management systems for our personal contacts. Consumer products like Google Contacts and iCloud are perfect for managing your personal contacts but don’t forget they’re geared towards personal and not professional use.

Differentiating personal data from professional data is difficult

As tech journalist Jonathan Blum points out, using iCloud instead of a dedicated business solution can end up eating away at your productivity….

“Differentiating professional data, contacts, calendars and documents from personal ones, while possible, can require more time and effort than some entrepreneurs are willing to put in.”

If you must use one solution for both personal and business contacts, you can use Contactzilla to create dedicated address books to keep your contacts well organised.

Tip: Create multiple Contactzilla address books for different areas of your business and share them with relevant members of your team. Why not create a shared family address book for keeping in touch of all those distant relatives?!

Personal solutions aren’t geared towards collaboration

Different people in your office often deal with different contacts. Your admin team might deal with suppliers, your HR team with staff and your project managers with clients. But there’s usually a crossover in terms of who deals with who.

Think about it, how many times have you had to ask your finance team for a client’s email address? Or needed to get in touch with a supplier but didn’t have a contact for them?

While consumer contact management systems will allow you to create relevant address books, most don’t allow for collaboration. With Contactzilla, you can share and collaborate on address books with your team so everyone is always up to date with the latest contact details.

Personal solutions won’t integrate with your workflow

We use a lot of apps and tools to help us manage Contactzilla. They all make our lives easier and we think contact management solutions should do the same thing.

While personal contact management solutions may integrate with social networks, business solutions will more likely integrate with the business management apps you use on a daily basis. That’s why we’ve got integrations for FreeAgent, Mailchimp, Google and LinkedIn.

Bringing together your business management solutions into one place will save you time, and effort, simplifying your workflow and making life easier for you and your team.

Contactzilla integrates with other apps and services you already use to create a seamless workflow that will make your life easier,

Contact management for business and organisations

What most small and medium sized businesses need is a middle ground between expensive, complicated CRM software and free, or cheap, consumer contact management.

Contact management shouldn’t be confusing or time consuming, it should integrate seamlessly with your workflow and make your life easier not harder.

If you’re looking for simple, collaborative contact management for you and your team, try Contactzilla for free today and see how much easier your contact management could be.

Photo Credit: bluesbby via Compfight cc