Social contact management: connecting the real and the social

How many social media profiles do you have?  One, two, three, four or five?  More?  What’s your social contact management toolbox looking like? We’ve all got at least two or three plus all your usual ways of contact such as phone, email and home or work address. So that’s at least five or six different ways to contact you.

It’s the same for all your contacts. Most people you know have several ways of being contacted.  Some might email through Facebook, others might use your work account and others might simply tweet you.  Not everyone has access to all the different ways to contacting you; likewise, you don’t have access to all the different ways to contact your work colleagues, clients or friends.  The contact information is disparate and disconnected.

Now add in your smart phone.  There’s usually a way of linking all your contacts, both social and real. But still the process is messy and disjointed.  Matching the details and keeping track of everyone is pretty hard, plus only you can access it.

A social contact management system will connect the dots, or in this case, connect all your contacts.  It will link them, merge them and make them readily available; usually on a web-based platform that allows you access from any device at any time.

Okay, so you’re sold and you’ve already got a ContactZilla account.  What now?  The simple answer is get sharing.  ContactZilla is social in its own little way.  You can share your contacts with chosen groups of people so that they can access all your neatly connected contacts.  Work colleagues don’t need to ask for your latest client’s email address, friends can see contact details to other friends and your family members can always keep track of other family member’s house moves and telephone numbers.

Obviously, we know you don’t want to share everything with everyone, which is why the shared address book functionality allows you to select the contacts that you want to share with certain groups.  You can have as many shared address books as you want, letting your colleagues, friends or family see only what you want them to see.

Simple and centralised.  Social and shared.

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