Big News! Contactzilla is re-launching today!

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It’s time to ditch your Rolodex because today, we are launching Contactzilla for everyone.

We understand that in business, it’s all about your contacts; who you know and who you don’t know. Customer relationship management is critical but time consuming. Carving new relationships is imperative but gone are the days of simply jotting a name and number into a little black book.

And business cards? They’re just another dead tree.

Today’s workforce can see dozens, if not hundreds of contacts a week, and each contact likely has a number of ways to be reached and a handful of social handles as well. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of contacts and complicated CRM.

What’s missing is a seamless solution to end the madness. And today, we’re excited to announce that it has arrived.

Starting today, everyone can try our no-risk 30 day free trial when they sign up at Thirty days simply not enough? Sign up for our paid premium starting at just $7 a month and be allowed up to 50 users to access address books; a better value than anything else currently on the market.

Our easy and affordable solution to contact management is ideal for anyone looking for better control of their business contacts. Our cloud-based platform will allow users to store multiple business and social contacts – think LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook – all within one easily accessible database.

Always on the go? We understand that for most, accessibility is paramount, which is why we’ve built our product to be the iCloud for business contacts. Your address books can be synced to multiple devices from anywhere and by everyone on your team – a feature unique to Contactzilla and not seen by any other contact management platforms on the market. You choose who on your team can access and who can’t! Grant and revoke access as needed.

Are you ready to discover the difference Contactzilla can make on not only your contact management but your productivity? Sign up today.