Workplace Hack: The Shout About It Method

Many people find that working out with a friend motivates them to exercise and makes it easier to stick to their routine. Knowing that there is someone else who knows about your goals, and will be let down if you don’t stick to your plan, can help keep you motivated.

How does this apply to work? Telling people about what you plan to achieve will encourage you to actually do it. If you don’t achieve what you set out to, you will have to admit defeat to the people you’ve told.

You may also find that by sharing your goals, people will encourage and support you, helping you to stay on track. For example, if you told your colleagues you planned to stop looking at Facebook in the office, they can tell you to stop when they catch you at it.

To follow this workplace hack, tell your friends, family and co-workers what you are going to get done that day/week/month. Try setting up one 10 minute call with a colleague at the beginning of the week to run through what you plan to get done. Have another call to review your work at the end of the week. Knowing that someone else is aware of how productive you’ve been that week will motivate you to work harder.

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Photo Credit: suneko via Compfight cc