Workplace Hack: Share Knowledge Over a Beer

Chances are your team has a wide range of skills between them. While everyone might be doing a different job, they are all working towards your company’s mission and each of them is as important as any other.

Our team is mostly made up of web developers and each of them has different skills and experience. Having a wide range of talents in the team is amazing, until somebody leaves the company, or even goes on holiday for a week!

Our team love to learn new skills so every Friday afternoon, we hold a “tech talk” where one of the developers talks about a problem they’ve encountered or a new piece of tech they’ve been using. We find that sitting down with a beer at the end of the week and sharing knowledge is a fun and productive way to wind down.

Of course, your talks don’t have to be techy. Why not get your sales team, marketers, customer support, web developers and admin team together once a week? There’s so much they can learn from one another, it’d be a shame to waste that!

To follow this workplace hack, pick a time and day of the week to hold your knowledge sharing sessions and let everyone on your team know. Ask everyone to submit an idea for a talk and encourage each person to have a go. Every week, after one person gives a talk, arrange next week’s session. This gives everyone a week to prepare their talk.

This hack is part of a series of weekly workplace hacks that teaches you about collaboration, productivity and time saving tips. Published every Wednesday.

Photo Credit: Joel Olives via Compfight cc