Workplace Hack: Quit Facebook

Those of us seeking a more productive life have probably tried to cut back, limiting the amount of times we check Facebook in a day, using apps to block Facebook while we work and a number of other hacks to beat ‘Facebook Syndrome’. But have you considered quitting Facebook all together?

Recent research has suggested Facebook can be addictive, can make us jealous and make us feel sad and lonely. If you’ve had enough of Facebook yet find yourself checking your account every hour, you might want to consider quitting…

To follow this workplace hack, you don’t have to completely give up social networking. Move your online life from Facebook onto other networks that won’t take up all your time like Path, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Before you delete your Facebook account, remember to backup your photos and download all your data (including birthdays and contacts) so you don’t lose anything.

Not sure you’re ready? Don’t worry, you have 14 days to reactivate your Facebook account before it is deleted completely, but try to stay strong if you seriously want Facebook out of your life.

Have you quit Facebook? Share your experiences in the comments.

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Photo Credit: mkhmarketing via Compfight cc