Workplace Hack: The Procrastination List

For most of us, procrastination is just a part of life. No matter how hard we try to stay focussed, cutting procrastination out entirely is pretty much impossible.

Chris Bailey, of A Year of Productivity, recommends instead of trying to stop procrastinating altogether (and failing), you should try to find ways to make your procrastination productive.

Bailey suggests creating a “procrastination list” to help you stop wasting time.

To follow this workplace hack, create a list of tasks that you can crack on with any time you’re tempted by your Facebook feed or videos of cats. For example, on my list I have “schedule social media posts” or “read work-related articles I’ve bookmarked to my reading list”.

Bailey recommends including a wide variety of tasks on your procrastination list so you can always find something to do, regardless of your mood.

How do you tackle procrastination? Share your experiences in the comments below.