Workplace Hack: Peer to Peer Feedback For Happier Teams

Do you know exactly what everyone on your team is doing right now? Sure, you have regular catch ups and you know what project everyone is working on, but how much do you really understand about the work they do?

In most cases, the person who understands your job best is the person at your company who does the most similar job to you. In most cases, this isn’t your boss.

While feedback from the boss enables team members to understand how they fit into the company as a whole, it’s often not reflective of the work being done on a daily basis. To make sure your team is getting the feedback they deserve, we recommend peer to peer feedback

This workplace hack involves creating a culture where your team provide feedback (positive and negative) to their peers.

There are a number of ways to encourage peer to peer feedback in your workplace and opening communication to all employees is key.

At Contactzilla, we hold weekly catch ups every Monday morning where we all get together over a coffee and discuss the previous week and what we have planned for the future. We find this to be a nice way to ease into the week, make sure everyone’s in the loop and give everyone the chance to pipe up with a little feedback.

There are a number of tools available online to help you integrate peer to peer feedback into your workflow. Try TINYpulse for anonymous weekly feedback or iDoneThis for sending daily thanks to colleagues.

Have you tried peer to peer feedback? Shares your experiences in the comments below!

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