Workplace Hack: Pause, Don’t Procrastinate

We all procrastinate.

Whether it’s because a task is daunting, boring or just not that important, we all have times when we just think, “I’ll do it tomorrow instead”.

Leo Babauta of Zenhabits has one very simple response to procrastination that could really help you out…

“There will be a moment (or a bunch of moments) when you think, “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow.” That’s the moment you have to not let pass idly by. Stop yourself, and just sit there for a moment, not going on your computer, just turning inward.”

To follow this workplace hack, you need to get into the habit of recognising the desire to procrastinate. Be mindful of every time you decide to put something off take a minute to think it over.

When you recognise that you’re about to procrastinate, take a moment to truly think about what you’re doing. Is it really that bad? Why are you putting it off? Instead of passively falling into your old habits of procrastinating, being mindful of what you’re doing (and why you’re about to not do it!) will help you bring back the focus you need to get things done.

How do you deal with procrastination? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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Photo Credit: Skley via Compfight cc