Workplace Hack: Why You Need Two To-Do Lists

Whether you like them or not, to-do lists are a mostly necessary part of staying organised and productive.

However, when your to-do list really builds up, tackling it can become daunting. This is where two to-do lists come in handy…

I manage my one big to-do list electronically. Every task that needs to be done gets added to my electronic to-do list. On a daily basis, however, I manage my list on paper.

To follow this workplace hack, you will need to find the best way to manage your to-do list electronically. This could be using a simple notes or to-do app (I’m currently using todoist).

Every evening, before I leave the office, I spend 5-10 minutes prioritizing my tasks for the next day and writing them down on paper, in the order I intend to do them. For larger tasks, or ongoing projects, I will assign a certain timeslot to make sure I don’t spend too long working on one thing.

How do you prioritize your to do lists? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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Photo Credit: notfrancois via Compfight cc