Workplace Hack: Move Your Desk

How often do you sit at your desk feeling tired and uninspired? For many people, this is something that happens every afternoon, for others, it could be in the run up to an exciting holiday or the day after you stayed up a little too late and had one beer too many…

When you’re in this mood, you might find your normal day to day routine becomes a little stifling. In this situation shaking up your routine, even if it’s just a little, might be just what you need to get your creative juices flowing.

Writer Justine Musk is a big fan of disrupting your routine…

“We are creatures of habit; the brain organizes life into patterns of thinking and behaving (a.k.a. “ruts”) in order to process life more efficiently. When you change what you’re doing, you change your context, and you activate different parts of your brain. You tap into different parts of your thinking – and yourself. You see things from new angles. You get fresh insight.”

So how can you disrupt your routine and still do everything you planned? Move!

This workplace hack involves moving your desk or finding somewhere else to sit in the office. This movement will disrupt your routine just enough to get your creative juices flowing but not so much it distracts you from what you’re doing.

Writer Truman Capote was famously a fan of changing his workspace, claiming he produced his best work in hotel rooms or on train journeys between New York and Chicago.

Where do you go to work when you’re feeling uninspired? Share your experiences in the comments.

This hack is part of a series of weekly workplace hacks that teaches you about collaboration, productivity and time saving tips. Published every Wednesday.

Photo Credit: cdsessums via Compfight cc

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