Workplace Hack: How To Measure Happiness

I probably don’t need to convince you that workplace happiness is important. In my experience, happy workers are healthier, more productive and more likely to help others than unhappy or apathetic workers.

I’m obviously a big supporter of the workplace happiness movement, but I’m also a fan of metrics. It’s all well and good implementing new schemes to make your employees happy, but how will you know how effective they are if you’re not measuring?

This workplace hack involves figuring out the right method to help you measure employee happiness.

Here at Contactzilla HQ we’re big fans of anonymous staff satisfaction surveys. We create long form surveys using Google forms once or twice a year and we use TINYpulse to collect snippets of feedback every week.

TINYpulse automatically sends each of our team members a happiness related question every week as well as a space to submit their suggestions for the company and the option to give a virtual “cheers” to another team member who has helped them or really excelled during that week.

Having a regular insight into our teams’ thoughts and feelings about Contactzilla helps us to make it the best possible place for them to work.

How do you measure employee happiness? Share your experiences in the comments.

This hack is part of a series of weekly workplace hacks that teaches you about collaboration, productivity and time saving tips. Published every Wednesday.