Workplace Hack: Follow the 30-10 Rule

Procrastination is nothing new. We all do it, but we all would love to cut back on it too. Keeping that in mind, this workplace hack may help curb procrastination while you’re at work:

  • Find something that you cannot make it through the day without. It can be any action item, such as checking your email or your favourite blog.
  • Set a timer for 30 minutes, and work for 30 minutes straight. Don’t stop until the timer goes off! You can use your phone or a web timer such as Timer Tab.
  • When you’re done working for 30 minutes, you can reward yourself by allowing the activity previously decided. Do it for 10 minutes only, and then set your timer back on.

The trick to any workplace hack, of course, is sticking to it. Commit to the 30-10 rule and you may just find your productivity skyrocketing.

Here’s the key: resist all temptation to indulge in your reward activity until the 30 minutes comes up. If you don’t give in to your temptations, you will get more work done in a much more focused manner.

Have you ever tried the 30-10 Rule? How did it work for you? Let us know in the comments below!

This hack is part of a series of weekly workplace hacks that teaches you about collaboration, productivity and time saving tips. Published every Wednesday.

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