Workplace Hack: Break It Down

How many times have you set yourself a large task and never got around to doing it? You want to lose weight, decorate the kitchen and redesign your website but you just don’t know where to start.

The problem here is that you are setting large projects without thinking about how exactly you are going to achieve them. There’s so much to do you don’t even know where to start, so you end up putting the project off and doing smaller, more achievable tasks instead.

Productivity Pro Laura Stack believes you need to break larger tasks into smaller steps or you’ll never complete them.

“Without clearly listing the pieces of the project (on paper or in your head), the task will simply swirl around in your head. With the project listed as a series of individual action steps, you will eventually be able to finish one big job.”

To follow this workplace hack, try splitting your to-do list into smaller items. For example, you could break “decorate the kitchen” into a series of smaller tasks. Paint the walls, fit a new sink, change the cupboard doors. These smaller tasks are more easily achievable, less overwhelming and will help you complete the whole project before you know it.

Do you tackle large projects head on or break them down into smaller tasks? Share your experiences in the comments below!

This hack is part of a series of weekly workplace hacks that teaches you about collaboration, productivity and time saving tips. Published every Wednesday.

Photo Credit: Brandon Christopher Warren via Compfight cc