Workplace Hack: Boost Productivity With Internal Customer Service

Great customer service is key when it comes to attracting new customers and maintaining existing customer relationships. But what about your staff? What if you could give great customer service to them too?

Customer service expert, Shep Hyken, believes that customer service shouldn’t just be the responsibility of your support team. If everyone in your business is equipped with great customer service skills, your teams will work better together…

“An example of an internal customer may be someone in the payroll department. Let’s say this payroll person is dependent on managers from various departments to call in the employee payroll on time. If a manager is late or doesn’t report payroll properly, then the payroll person can’t do his or her job, which is getting payroll checks out on time. The manager failed his or her internal customer.”

To follow this workplace hack, you’ll need to extend your customer service training across the whole company. What processes do your customer service team already have in place? Consider how these can be adapted for your internal customers as well. Support emails, surveys, forums, follow up emails and complaints procedures are all great ways to offer internal support to your teams.

Do you have an internal customer service policy? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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Photo Credit: rachaelvoorhees via Compfight cc