Top 10 Apps for Kick-Ass Team Collaboration

With so many people telecommuting to their jobs these days, it can be hard collaborating with everyone. You’ve probably been struggling to find apps that let you work together easily and without hassle.

Well, here you have it, a list of kick-ass team collaboration apps that are the ultimate in business hacks.


Hojoki takes your teams apps and syncs things like all of their contacts and tasks in one place. It lets you message members of your team about things like the tasks they working on. Basically, it takes everything from the apps you and your team is using and compiles all of that activity in one place.


Keeping track of your projects while on the go can be difficult, especially if you have an iPhone.

With Catch, you can create a separate “space” for each project, and then store anything you want that’s related to it on that space. Share the space with your team members, and you’re collaborating as you’re creating.

It’ll even send out text alerts when someone uploads something to the space so you can keep track of the latest happenings.


Another cloud project management app, Trello is like the ultimate whiteboard.

You can write notes, attach documents or photos – even create checklists.

The interface lets you click-and-drag items around so you can keep your projects on track easily. Use it with your team to keep everyone in the loop, or use it privately to manage your home renovation.


Instead of aggregating your cloud apps, Readdle aggregates all the documents from those apps in one spot on your iPad.

You save storage space on the iPad itself because you don’t have to install all the various document management apps, just Readdle.


For new and small businesses, collaborating in real-time with staff in different locations has always been problematic.

Sure, you could use Skype or other free IM apps, but the conversations you have on those aren’t private.

Enter Campfire, where you can chat privately. Privacy is priceless these days.

Google Docs

The granddaddy of all collaboration tools, where Google Docs shines is in the editing and commenting functions.

Share a document with colleagues and they can read and edit it, as well as leave comments as they go.

Google Plus Hangouts

Google Plus Hangouts are an easy way to have video conferences for free.

Save money by chatting with distant colleagues or clients online for free. Expand your business by holding online classes or webinars – you can even share your screen.


It’s the ultimate collaboration/project management tool. Not only can you manage your projects with customized workspaces, but you can do it with such amazing control and segmentation.

You can access it on your mobile and, if you’re an agency, you can set up different viewing rights for your agency team and your clients.


I love Evernote – I use it to keep all my important notes and bits of research in one place.

It helps me research, collaborate, plan, and organize (something I need!).

Combining Evernote with Skitch is a deadly combination, it lets me add doodles, shapes, drawings and notes to make things clearer and easier to understand.


Another project management tool, Onehub lets you create an online collaboration centre quickly and easily.

The collab centres scale and change as your project progresses and grows, too. No need to worry about the size of your centre  because you get a ton of storage space, even on the free plan (if you want more, just upgrade to one of their paid plans.)

Getting your team to work together is easier than ever with these tools.

Have you been using these in your business? How are they helping you collaborate with your colleagues? What other business hacks are helping your business grow? Hit the comments and let us know.