How to setup PeopleSync App to sync Contactzilla using CardDAV on Android

Contactzilla works best with the native iPhone or Mac Contacts CardDAV, however, it’s possible to get Contactzilla working on Android with the addition of a third-party app.

One such app is PeopleSync which can be found in the Android Play Store and it works great for syncing your business contacts between your team on android devices using Contactzilla.

Here is the setup procedure.

  1. Search the Android Play store for PeopleSync from message concept.
  2. Install PeopleSync
  3. Open PeopleSync
  4. Add Contactzilla address book to PeopleSync. You need to add each address book you want to sync. For this, you will need the username and password of the account plus the address book slug.

Click the + button at the bottom of PeopleSync app.

  1. Select the Login with URL and user name option.
  2. Enter the details of the address book to sync:

Base URL:

Note. Replace demo-address-book with the name of your address book as taken from the address bar in Contactzilla. Replace username with your login username for Contactzilla.

User name: YOUR Contactzilla Username Password: YOUR Contactillz Password

Click the Login Button.

Give your address book a name

Give the address book a friendly name. This is only used in People Sync and Contacts App on Android as a label.

Once setup PeopleSync should add the Contactzilla CardDAV account and your business contacts will sync with Android contacts.

It will default to syncing every four hours. You can adjust this in the settings for the address book in PeopleSync.

Settings to change the frequency of CardDAV sync

PeopleSync app is a great way to connect your Contactzilla CardDAV account to your Android device. If you have any issues please reach out to our support.