New Feature: Team Based Permissions

In a continued effort to build the best contact manager for small teams and businesses, we’ve just launched what we feel is a great new feature in the battle over managing your contacts. What feature, you ask? Team based permissions on a per address book level!

It’s now possible to assign multiple administrators to an address book, allowing other relevant people in an address book to invite other team members. Note that only the owner of the address book can actually delete the entire thing.

As well as this, it’s also possible to grant just read-only access to an address book. This is great for sales teams and other groups of people where slightly tighter control is required over your valuable contact details.

This new feature is pretty simple to use, just select the Team Members tab from one of your shared address books (you’ll need to be on one of our paid contact management plans). Now, when you invite a new user there is a simple drop down with the three permission types, just select the one you want. For existing team members, just change the permission in the drop down and click the ‘Save permissions‘ button in the bottom right of the screen.