Best Contact Management Software for Small Business

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of building strong relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners. Efficiently managing these connections is crucial for growth. We are a Contact management software for small business and are here to help you manage contacts effortlessly, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Unlike complex CRM systems, Contactzilla offers a streamlined and user-friendly solution tailored to small business needs

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Contact management software vs CRM Software

CRM software or customer relationship management systems are complex and handle everything from sales pipelines and pipeline management to marketing, email marketing and marketing automation. But they can overwhelm small businesses. Contact management software focuses on essentials, making it simpler and better suited for small businesses.

Contactzilla is specifically designed with small businesses in mind, offering an easy way to manage contacts, track interactions, and access important information without the hassle. It's user-friendly, efficient, and adaptable, providing just the features needed for growth.

Read our blog for a more detailed look at the differences between Contact management software and CRM

Benefits of Contact management software


Contact management software is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to get up and running quickly without the steep learning curve associated with a CRM solution. This simplicity ensures that all team members can easily adopt the system and start managing contacts efficiently.


Compared to full-fledged customer relationship management systems, contact management software is often more affordable. This cost-effectiveness makes it an ideal choice for small businesses looking to improve their contact management without significant investment.

Improved Team Collaboration

Team synchronization features ensure that all members have access to up-to-date contact information, meaning better coordination and reduced the risk of miscommunication. This leads to a more cohesive and productive team.

Accuracy across devices and platforms

Contact management software for small business helps maintain accurate and consistent contact data across various platforms and devices. This ensures that all information is current and reliable, reducing errors and improving decision-making processes.

Streamlined Communication

By providing a centralized platform for managing contacts, businesses can streamline their communication processes. This ensures that all team members are on the same page and can respond promptly to customer inquiries and needs.

Scalable Solutions

As your business grows, contact management software can scale with you. Whether you need to add more team members, or manage a larger volume of contacts, these systems are designed to adapt to your evolving needs.

Enhanced Contact Data

Contactzilla allows you to include additional information like social media handles, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of your contacts and can engage with them on multiple platforms.

Contact Management Software for small business - Features to look for

When evaluating contact management software for your small business, it’s essential to select a tool that simplifies and enhances the way you handle your contacts. Here are key features to look for:

  • A centralized database to store and organize all your contact information in one place
  • Easy sharing of notes, files, and documents related to specific contacts
  • Mobile access so you can view and update contact details from your smartphone or tablet
  • Synchronization across devices and locations to ensure all team members are working with up-to-date, accurate contact data.
  • Simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy to enter data and find the information you need
  • Ability to categorize contacts into groups for targeted marketing and communication
  • Integration with email and other tools to streamline workflows
  • Lead generation tools to help you capture and track new leads from your website, social media, or other channels

How to Choose the Right Contact Management Software

Selecting the ideal contact management solution for your business hinges on thoroughly understanding your unique needs and pain points. First start with these considerations:

  • Determine your specific needs – basic contact management vs more advanced CRM features
  • Consider ease of use and training requirements for your team
  • Look for good customer support and resources
  • Evaluate integration capabilities with email, calendar, and other business apps you use
  • Compare pricing plans and scalability as your small business grows
  • Read reviews and take advantage of free trials to test before buying

And now ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is the size and growth rate of your customer base?
  2. Is your sales process straightforward, or does it involve multiple stages and interactions?
  3. How complex are your customer service workflows? Do they necessitate extensive tracking and follow-up?
  4. Will several team members be interacting with the same customers or contacts?
  5. Are you looking to streamline and automate your marketing efforts, such as email campaigns and lead nurturing?
  6. How crucial are in-depth analytics and reporting capabilities for making data-driven business decisions?
  7. Do you need seamless integration with existing tools in your tech stack, like email platforms, calendars, or project management software?

By carefully evaluating these considerations and answering these key questions, you’ll be well-equipped to select a contact management solution that aligns with your company’s specific needs, setting you up for success in efficiently managing customer experience and growing your business.

Organize contacts the way that suits your business

Contact management software is essential for small businesses, enabling you to store and organize all customer data in one centralized location. If customer information is scattered across different platforms or stored in various formats, it is difficult to have a comprehensive view of your contacts. By effectively managing your customer data, you gain valuable insights into buying behaviours and preferences, helping you tailor marketing campaigns and improve sales processes.

Contactzilla allows you to prioritize leads, track opportunities, partners and suppliers and ensure no sales slip through the cracks. We will help you build stronger customer engagement through personalized communication and better customer service, driving growth and giving your business a competitive edge. From smart labels that simplify your workflow to customizable fields that let you store crucial client details, Contactzilla is built to adapt to the way you work.

Contact Sharing across devices for Small Business Teams

One of the most significant advantages of using Contactzilla is the ability to synchronize your team’s access to contacts across all devices and locations. Ensuring that every team member have up-to-date contact information and access to the contacts they need, whether they are customers, suppliers, or partners, eliminates the need for constant back-and-forth communications and reduces the risk of errors.

Imagine a scenario where a sales rep needs immediate access to a client’s contact details while on the road, or a team member needs to update supplier information during a meeting. With Contactzilla’s address books and team synchronization features, your team can access and update contacts instantly, ensuring seamless communication and efficiency.

Team Collaboration

Invite your team to a shared address book and keep everyone on the same page.

Address book with inward arrows pointing towards it.

Mobile Sync

Connect multiple phones and devices to the same address book effortlessly

Comparing Costs: Contact Management Software vs. CRM

When evaluating solutions for managing your business contacts, it’s important to consider the costs involved which have a big impact over time. Here’s a breakdown of some popular options and their pricing tiers to give you a sense of the investment required:

Contact Management Software


  • Starter: For small teams just getting started. $19/month, includes up to 3 users.
  • Growth: As your contact list expands. $49/month, accommodates up to 10 users.
  • Enterprise: For larger organizations. $99/month, supports up to 100 users.


  • Pro: Streamlined contact management. $11.67 per user monthly.
  • Premium: Advanced features for power users. $13.33 per user each month.

Contacts Plus

  • Premium: Ideal for individuals or small groups. $9.99/month, up to 5 users.
  • Teams: Collaborative contact management. $12.99 per user per month.

Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM solutions offer more advanced features beyond contact management, often at a higher price point. Many have tiered pricing based on feature sets.


  • Starter: Basic CRM functionality. $25 per user each month.
  • Pro: Expanded capabilities for growing teams. $100 per user monthly.

Zoho CRM

  • Standard: Essential CRM features. $14 per user per month.
  • Professional: Greater customization and automation. $23 per user monthly.


  • Plus: Foundational CRM tools. $29 per user each month.
  • Professional: Comprehensive sales and project management. $49 per user monthly.

Import your contacts from anywhere

In order to set up an effective contact management system for your small business, you need the ability to easily import your contacts from various platforms. A seamless import process ensures that all your important information is centralized, accessible, and ready to use from the start. Contactzilla excels in this area, offering robust integrations that make getting set up a breeze. Import your contacts from GMail, Mail chimp, Microsoft Office 365, Free agent and CSV

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Real Success Stories: Our customers improving their customer service

Small team working together in an office.

At Contactzilla, we pride ourselves on helping small businesses build and maintain strong customer relationships. Our contact management software is designed to make managing customer data effortless, enabling our clients to focus on growing their businesses. Here are some ways our customers have benefited from using Contactzilla:

Enhanced Customer Engagement: Small businesses using our platform have reported significant improvements in customer engagement. By having all customer information centralized and easily accessible, businesses can provide personalized communication and timely follow-ups, building stronger relationships and increasing customer loyalty.

Streamlined Communication: With Contactzilla’s team synchronization features, businesses have been able to streamline their communication processes. Team members can access and update contact information in real-time, ensuring everyone is on the same page and reducing the chances of miscommunication.

Increased Efficiency: Our clients have found that Contactzilla helps save time by automating and simplifying contact management tasks. Features like smart labels and advanced search options allow businesses to quickly locate and organize contacts, enabling them to focus on core activities that drive growth.

Contactzilla makes our lives easier. It makes the whole team more productive because everyone has every contact at their fingertips.

Jon Davies

Contactzilla helps communication on projects between our employees and central management, an important factor when working in large teams.

Bruce Roberts

IT Director at J.F. White

Contactzilla offers us a secure place to store and manage contacts and case details. We couldn't live without it!

Courtney Trimble

Office Manager at
Greg Wright Law

A simple and intuitive user interface

The simple and user-friendly user interface of Contactzilla.

In the fast-paced world of small businesses, simplicity is key. Managing your contacts shouldn’t be a complicated task bogged down by unnecessary features and cluttered interfaces. We dislike clutter as much as you do and have designed the user interface with small businesses in mind.

Simplicity at Its Best

We understand that small businesses need efficient tools that are easy to use. That’s why Contactzilla gives you exactly what you need, right where you need it. Our intuitive user interface eliminates unnecessary buttons and drop-downs, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your customer service.

Why a simple user interface matters

Simplicity in a contact management system means less time spent navigating complex menus and more time engaging with your customers. A clean, straightforward interface reduces the learning curve, making it easy for all team members to adopt and use the system effectively. This leads to better team collaboration, increased productivity, and ultimately, stronger customer relationships.

Designed for Small Businesses

Unlike CRM systems that can be overwhelming with their vast array of features, Contactzilla focuses on the essentials. Our platform is tailored to the unique needs of small businesses, providing a streamlined solution that enhances efficiency without the unnecessary complexity. With Contactzilla, you can quickly access and update contact information, ensuring that your team always has the most current data at their fingertips.

Small business team standing together in a bright office.

Fueling the Dreams of Small Teams

As a small business with big dreams, you understand the importance of hitting the right note with customers and suppliers, ensuring your business relationships grow stronger as you scale.

Imagine your team working in perfect harmony, with every contact organized and synchronized across everyones’ devices.

By choosing Contactzilla, you’re gaining a partner in your journey to success. Our platform is designed to grow with you, providing the support and features you need to reach new heights.

Feel confident as you watch your business relationships flourish.

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We’ve been doing this for over a decade. It’s what we love and we know you will love it too. We are a small, friendly team and when you reach out to us you will notice we are genuinely excited to help you succeed. We thrive on knowing that our tool is making a difference for you, and we’re always here to listen, support, and celebrate your successes with you. Whether it’s via chat, email, or phone, you’ll always find a friendly face (or voice) ready to assist.

Cost Benefit

We know that budgets are tight for small businesses and teams. That’s why Contactzilla offers an affordable solution without compromising on quality. Our pricing is simple and transparent, ensuring you only pay for what you need. As your team grows, our pricing scales sensibly to prevent costs from skyrocketing, unlike other CRMs. Switching to Contactzilla from an expensive CRM can save you hundreds of dollars a year. Enjoy powerful contact management features at a fraction of the cost, giving you more room in your budget to invest in other areas of your business. With Contactzilla, you get the best of both worlds: top-notch functionality and affordability.

Team 3

$ 19 USD /month
  • Device syncing
  • Unlimited address books
  • Import/export contacts
  • Up to 3 team members

Team 10

$ 49 USD /month
  • Device syncing
  • Unlimited address books
  • Import/export contacts
  • Up to 10 team members

Team 100

$ 99 USD /month
  • Device syncing
  • Unlimited address books
  • Import/export contacts
  • Up to 100 team members
The Contactzilla interface being shown on 2 phones.

Smooth Transition to Better Contact Management

​​We understand that switching to a new system can be daunting. That’s why we’ve made Contactzilla as intuitive and straightforward as possible. Our platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing tools, making the transition smooth and hassle-free. Connect Contactzilla to your fleet of iPhone devices using the native CardDAV support built into iOS, ensuring seamless synchronization across all your Apple devices. For Android devices, Contactzilla works in tandem with the PeopleSync mobile app making it easy to connect and sync, keeping your entire team's contacts consistently up-to-date.

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Is contact management software a CRM tool?

Contact management software is not the same as a CRM tool but closely related. Contact management software focuses on storing and organizing contact information, while CRM tools handle broader tasks, including managing customer interactions, sales pipelines, and marketing campaigns. Contact management is simpler and often better suited for small businesses.

What are the key features to look for in contact management software?

Key features to look for in contact management software include easy contact import, smart labeling, custom fields, notes and history tracking, advanced search and filters, and team synchronization. These features ensure efficient organization, seamless communication, and enhanced collaboration for small businesses.

Is there a free CRM for small business?

Yes, Zoho CRM offers a free plan for small businesses, allowing up to 3 users and 5,000 records. It’s a great starting point with generous features. However, as your business grows, paid plans start at $14/user/month, adding advanced features like sales forecasting and custom reports.

What is the easiest CRM to use for small business

For small businesses, simple contact management software like Contactzilla is often the best solution. It offers an easy-to-use interface, custom fields, smart labeling, and seamless contact import, ensuring efficient and straightforward management without the complexity of traditional CRM systems.

How much does a CRM system cost for a small business?

CRM costs for small businesses typically range from $12 to $90 per user monthly. Basic plans with essential features start around $12-$30/user/month. More advanced CRMs run $50-$90/user/month. Costs can increase as your contact base grows. Many CRMs offer free trials, so test a few to compare pricing and features.

What is the best contact management software for small business?

The best contact management software depends on your business requirements. Simple, user-friendly options work well for small businesses needing basic contact organization. Growing companies with more complex customer interactions may benefit from advanced CRM systems with sales automation and reporting. Assess your needs to find the ideal fit.