Are You Moving Through Life Or Getting Shit Done?

We all want to move forward in our lives and get things done effectively and efficiently. However, we aren’t always taking the right steps in order to do so. Are you just moving through your life or are you actually getting shit done?

At first glance, you may think those two options are really the same thing, but they’re far from it. There’s a huge difference between “moving through life” and “getting shit done,” and learning about that difference will help you discover a valuable life hack to propel yourself forward.

Looking Like You’re Getting Shit Done

In general, a lot of people look like they’re getting shit done in their lives. They talk about their plans for the weekend or their ideas for the next stage of their business, but looking like you’re getting shit done isn’t a real life hack at all.

Looking like you’re getting shit done usually shows up in the form of phrases like “I’m making progress.” It means you choose what veggies to plant in your garden, but you never go out to plant anything. It also means that you send out some emails to potential clients and start talking to them about pricing, but don’t send a contract their way just yet.

When all you’re doing is acting like you’re getting shit done, but not actually getting it done, you could be in danger of procrastinating. All that “progress” you say you’re making could really just be an excuse for not finishing the project altogether.

When To Be In Motion

Now don’t think that motion is always a bad thing. In fact, there are benefits to motion: it lets you prepare and form strategy, and helps you learn more about a topic. You need a certain amount of motion to even get to your action (imagine trying to build a house without first drawing a blueprint and ordering the materials).

Focusing only on motion won’t get you anywhere.

Thomas Edison once said, “Innovation is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” Well, getting things done is 1% motion and 99% action. You can’t get anything truly completed unless you act on your motion.

How To Go From Moving To Acting

Getting shit done is a wonderful life hack — if you know how to go beyond your “just moving” to the actual acting part. Here are a few tips to help you with that step:

1. Set a schedule and block out time related to the ideas you’ve developed while in motion. It’s just as important to schedule out your action plan as it is your motion plan. Figure out exactly what you need to do and for how long you need to do it in order for your action to happen.

2. Set a “go time” where you are going to start acting. This “go time” could be today or in a week, month, or year. It doesn’t matter as long as you set a time. Having this in your head is a great life hack to help you realize you won’t be able to just keep moving forever.

3. Tell people about your plan. The more people you tell, the more likely you’ll be held accountable when you don’t actually start acting. And depending on who you tell (like your nosy neighbor Paul), it could enough incentive to get ‘er done so you’re not bothered by the “when are you going to do that?” questions.

4. Choose to act. Yes, this is a choice, and one you have to make if you hope to get anything accomplished. One of the reasons Jerry Seinfeld became such a popular comedian was because he wrote every day. He chose to act, and ultimately benefited from this decision.

Many people, whether they acknowledge it or not, are simply moving through life without acting on any of the plans they make. Don’t let this happen to you; realize that getting shit done is the only life hack that will help you move forward (motion), and then go out and get shit done (action).

What’s one way you are able to get things done effectively? Let us know in the comments below.

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