7 Ways to Guarantee Instant Customer Happiness

A happy wife makes a happy husband and the same could be said about happy customer making a happy business. We’ve highlighted seven ways to help make customers happy and, by default, help keep business relationships strong and lasting.

1. Make the User/Customer Experience as Fantastic as Possible

Take a lesson from Amazon. They offer the largest selection, convenient methods of purchasing, and very low prices. This trinity brings in customers and then keeps them from leaving.

Why would you go anywhere else?

You probably won’t because Amazon offers a wide variety of good quality products, multiple methods of payment, and a price tag that usually stays away from being too costly because of things like free shipping.

If you provide the best experiences you can, the chances of bringing in new customers as well as solidifying the interest of the ones you already have, greatly increase.

2. Use Email Support More Effectively

There are some common email questions you will receive and there are some quick ways to handle them. Having a working method to use your email can make all the difference in customer happiness.

Did the customer’s email actually get sent? Sometimes there are errors that prevent messages from being delivered. There is no way to address a concern or question from a customer if you never get the email.

To avoid this miscommunication, you can do something as simple as adding a confirmation message to your web form. If you let a customer know that their email was sent, this can cut down on confusion.

Also sending an email follow-up that is more personable than an automated response can help keep a line of communication open.

It’s not enough to just respond to a customer email, you need to do so quickly.

There are apps that can help stay on top of all new queries, making your responses faster and more effective while also helping keep your inbox organized. With more organization, you and your team can more easily stay on top of the customer queries.

3. Practice Reciprocity

When someone does something nice for you, you feel obliged to return the favor. The same concept can be used in business and marketing.

Find a way to show the customer that you care about them and their business. Help troubleshoot a problem with grace and speed or offer a great incentive.

Going beyond the normal expectations to show you care will make them want to return the favor.

Look at Amazon and Zappos: the both offer free shipping in return for doing business with them. It’s a great way for e-commerce companies to keep their customers happy by saying thank you.

By helping you, your service, or your product, they are paying you back in an attempt to be fair. Reciprocity can keep user and client relationships strong while keeping the individuals happy.

4. Remember, the First Customer Experience is as Important as a First Date

You need to WOW your customers from the first interaction. Impress them with attentiveness and respect.

Is a new customer having issues? Take care of it fast and with professionalism. Letting them know you are committed to ensure an amazing customer experience and your new relationship can be the foundation for a continuing future relationship.

You never get a second chance at a first impression, so making this first interaction memorable is a fast way to a happy customer.

5. Harness the Power of Live Chat

Live chat can have a serious impact on your bottom line. It is an effective way to humanize you, making you more relatable to your client base.

How many times have you been messaged while on a site and just known there wasn’t a person on the other end? You were talking to an automated system that, while it may have gotten you through some site issues or product questions, it lacked human sincerity.

It can make a user feel like they aren’t special and that can lead to frustration and users leaving the site.

Having your business employ live chat can help resolve customer issues faster and more effectively. It can show customers that they have your full attention and your business and its employees are willing to go that extra mile to see to meeting their wants and needs.

 Letting people know that there is more than just an automation system behind your site can show new and returning users that they mean enough to you that you are willing to personally guide them through their issues and questions.

6. Help Customers Help Themselves

People want to help themselves. Make it as easy as possible.

Throwing out documentation or content that is flat and hard-to-navigate can turn off users. Why should they spend all of that time diving through a sea of information when they are looking for something specific? They shouldn’t have to do that.

ZenDesk has done an incredible job of setting up and establishing its support forums – they are thorough and well categorized. When forums are this easy to navigate, they are a great way to help customers help themselves.

Instead, having a plan to set someone up with the information they need when they need it can make all the difference in their mood. Showing customers easily navigable and understandable content can elicit a positive personal reaction from them.

Positive personal reactions can make for positive relationships and overall improved moods.

7. Throw in an Unexpected Bonus

People will continually ask themselves if their purchase was worth it. Give them an unexpected bonus to make sure they think it was.

Surprise them with a free addition, product, or service.

Show them that they are important and their original purchase was appreciated by saying “Hey, here’s something else you will enjoy!”

This can make a lasting impression on your customers – they will be more inclined to come back for more and will believe that their original purchase was, in fact, worth it.

Customer satisfaction is a goal that all businesses should strive for while customer happiness is a priority that should be held just as high, if not higher.

Make sure your customers know that they are important, valued, and a vital part of your business by treating them with respect, professionalism, and attentiveness.

What have you done to make your customers happier and improve their experience?

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