5 Ways to Get Motivated on a Monday

Getting motivated can be difficult at the best of times but few of us wake up raring to go on a Monday morning.

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a few tips to help you get motivated on a Monday…

1. Prepare on Sunday

If you’re really struggling with Mondays, consider sparing a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon or evening to prepare for the week ahead.

Three time entrepreneur, Ilya Pozin, thinks Sundays can be a great opportunity to make sure you start your week with a bang…

“Mondays often feel like a catch-up day from the weekend. There’s usually a full inbox and things that need your immediate attention as soon as you walk into the office.”

Pozin suggests using Sunday to sort through your email, make a plan for the week ahead, prepare for upcoming meetings and get in touch with people you may have neglected the previous week.

Don’t forget, your Sunday is your time to relax, rest and recuperate ready for the week ahead, so don’t overdo it. Just an hour or two of work on Sunday evening should be all it takes to take the pressure off on Monday morning.

2. Have a Monday Morning Catch Up

At Contactzilla, we start every Monday off with a “catch up” meeting. We sit around our break out area with a tea or coffee and have a chat about the previous week, our weekends and the week ahead.

For us, the Monday morning catch up gives us all a chance to get to grips with the week ahead, as well as what everyone else in the office is up to. It’s also a nice way to ease ourselves into the week.

Lynne Taylor, workplace expert and author of Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant; How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior & Thrive in Your Job, believes taking the time to chat with colleagues on Monday morning is a great morale booster…

“Ideally, you’ll spend a few extra minutes with your colleagues on Monday mornings. It reinforces a sense of purpose and community for everyone, including you.”

3. Start With the Toughest Task

Once you’ve sat down to work on Monday morning, try starting with the toughest task. This will be easier if you’ve spent an hour or two preparing for the week on Sunday night.

Henrick Edburg, author of The Positivity Blog, remembers being given this advice by an old boss…

“If I didn’t do it right away – which I of course often didn’t – then it would hang over me a like a gloomy rain-cloud that just grew bigger and bigger as the day went on. And the negative feelings would build up to the point that I would put the task of until the very end of the day or even the next day.”

Dreading, or feeling overwhelmed, by your work is one of the biggest reasons why we procrastinate. By getting the toughest task done first, you’ll be able to get it off your mind, which will help you focus on other work later.

4. Remember and Celebrate Your Success

Research has shown that most people will become disheartened if they don’t feel that they’re making meaningful progress in their work. If you’re constantly busy and under pressure, it can be easy to let your success pass by unnoticed…

If you’re finding it really tough to get motivated, try to think of a few times when you were successful and use this to help you get motivated.

Time Management Ninja Craig Jarrow suggests celebrating small wins like finishing something before the deadline, clearing your inbox or just leaving enough time for yourself to relax. Daily achievements don’t have to be large says Jarrow…

“The small victories can help build momentum and encourage a positive attitude.”

5. Take a break

If all else fails, why not take a break? It may sound counter productive but if you’re really struggling to get things done, a chance to relax and reflect could be exactly what you need.

Writer, Ali Luke, thinks taking a break could be just the thing you need to get your motivation back on track…

“Even a few minutes away from your computer can help you unwind. This is also a great way to recover a sense of perspective, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand.”

How do you get motivated on Monday mornings? Share your experiences in the comments below.

Photo Credit: C.E. Kent via Compfight cc