That old chestnut: “what’s Mr Smith’s email address again?”

How many times a day do you get asked by one of your colleagues ‘have you got John’s phone number?’. Often? Thought so. Typically, one member of the team doesn’t have full contact details for that hot new prospect, the contacts spreadsheet isn’t quite up-to-date or they’re out on the run and don’t have his details on their phone.

For years we’ve relied on each other to give us the contact details of clients or suppliers. How many times have you got back from a meeting and not added the contact’s details to your address book? Their business card has just sat with the rest of the business cards on your desk. Or you’ve received an email from them, but you just don’t have their number? It regularly happens. Then that question arises.

Well there is a solution – an online shared address book between you and your team so that you can all see each other’s contacts, anytime, anywhere. By keeping all your contacts in one central place, you’ll work faster and be more efficient, getting more done and closing more deals. Awesome, right?

With ContactZilla, all your contacts from the web are stored in one central place. That includes the contacts from your email account and all your social media contacts, both business and personal. Since all the contacts are hosted on the web, you can access them any time of day, from anywhere.

Best of all, you can share your contacts with others. It’s easily done by creating an ‘Address Book’ and inviting colleagues to join, and if appropriate, share their relevant contacts too. You can quickly build up a comprehensive contact list for your organisation, team or group. This then becomes your shared address book, accessible by those given access rights.

With your address book, you choose who can access it ensuring that only the right people can view a particular set of contacts. Teams, projects, accounts staff can all have their own shared address books. Mix and match or join multiple shared address books. There’s complete control over privacy and access.

With features like this, you’ll never have to ask, or be asked, for someone’s details again. So the next time someone asks that question. Invite them into your shared address book.