Product Update – Notes and reverse name display

We’re constantly improving Contactzilla based on your feedback and our vision of the best contact management system for businesses. Here’s what’s been updated or added recently. Notes We’ve had a lot of people asking us for the ability to add notes to a contact… Notes have been on our radar for a while and while […]

Organising your contacts with labels

Organising your contacts with labels is the easiest way to group contacts together by their current status or by a demographic factor. With Contactzilla it’s super easy to do. Select your contacts by clicking the check box (or by using alt/shift on your keyboard) Click the “apply label” menu item Either add a new label by […]

Improving the little things

We recently put a new release online, sorry for the delay in the update here. It was a maintenance release where we’ve been improving the little things including some bug fixes and a few minor UX enhancements. We’re gearing up for a full release in May so iterating over the small things and improving them […]