Workplace Hack: The 1-3-5 To-Do List

It’s safe to say we’re all pretty much sold on the to-do list. While most of us keep to-do lists to help us remember what we actually need to get done, staying on top of them, and ticking off items, can be a nightmare.

Workplace Hack: The Personal Kanban – More Than Just a To-Do List

Staying on top of to-do lists can be a nightmare. We tend to have such a variety of tasks, that consist of several different stages, that keeping track of them all becomes incredibly difficult. And what about the tasks you’ve completed? Once they’re done, we tend to delete or cross out tasks from our lists, […]

The Antidote to Feeling Unproductive

You’re probably familiar with the sinking feeling that you didn’t get enough done during the day. While to-do lists are useful, they’re certainly not the magical solution to all our productivity problems. Otherwise why do we so often feel discouraged about how much we’re getting done? It’s such a common reaction that even many successful […]

Workplace Hack: Write a Stop Doing List

Do you have a to do list? For most of us, it’s almost impossible to not have one. Without our to do lists we’d forget half our tasks and never get anything done. But being productive isn’t always about getting things done, sometimes being productive is about not doing things.

How to Take Back Your Day – 30 Minutes at a Time

Don’t you wish there were more hours in a day? There are so many different projects to handle each day, meetings to attend, clients or customers to appease, decisions to make and documents to approve. At the end of the day you’re left wondering where all the time went. You crawl into bed glad that […]