Bring Departments Together for Ultimate Team Productivity

We all know teamwork is key. But have you considered how your seperate teams, or departments, are working together? After all, everyone in your business is working towards a common goal, does it really make sense for them to be kept separate? Bringing together your marketing, sales, customer service, accounts and HR departments is key […]

Workplace Hack: Boost Productivity and Feel Good With the Guilt Hour

When was the last time you put something off? I’m willing to bet there’s at least a couple of items on your to-do list that have been there a while. You keep meaning to get them done, but they can wait, and you’d rather be doing something else. While prioritization is key to productivity, getting […]

How to Get Out of the Summer Productivity Slump

Ahhh summer. Long, lazy days of staring out the office window, daydreaming and wishing we could be outside. For many of us, the summer productivity slump isn’t just spurred by the desire to be outside in the sun. Many companies slow down in summer, and lots of us spend a few months between May and […]

Is This the Ultimate Key to Productivity?

We love productivity hacks here at Contactzilla HQ. We’re always looking for the best ways to work less, get more done, reduce stress and generally just make our lives a little easier. I recently came across an old article from Joel Runyon, Founder of Impossible, who believes he’s figured out what’s stopping most of us […]

5 Employee Engagement Secrets That Will Boost Office Productivity

Happy workers might not be as productive as you think… Kevin Kruse, author of NY Times bestseller We: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement, points out how being happy at work doesn’t necessarily make people productive… “Someone can be happy at work, but not “engaged.” They might be happy because they are […]

Workplace Hack: Boost Productivity with Regular Web Browsing

When you’re constantly connected to the internet, its easy to get distracted. Yes you’ll do some work, just after you’ve checked Facebook, read the news, watched this video of kittens… But did you know that surfing the web when you’re feeling tired at work can actually boost productivity?

How to Use Technology for More Productive Communication

Every business wants to improve productivity. One of the most common barriers to workplace productivity is communication (or lack thereof). Are you wasting time on meetings, unnecessarily confusing email conversations, filling people in on details they were kept in the dark about or trying to communicate effectively with remote or part-time workers? There is an […]