How to Stay Productive When an Employee Leaves

As happy and engaged as your team might be, chances are, they’re not going to stay with you forever. We love our team, and we try our best to help them grow and progress. Whenever one of our team decides it’s time to move on, we support them and wish them all the best. Employees […]

Workplace Hack: Make Friends at Work to Become More Productive

Research shows that people who have close friendships with colleagues are more engaged and happier in their jobs than those who don’t. According to one Harvard study, people who initiate workplace friendships, and join in with work related social activities, are 40% more likely to receive promotions than those who don’t!

6 Quick Ways To Get Motivated In The Morning

Finding the motivation to be productive throughout your day can be pretty tough, but you don’t want to feel like you’ve wasted the entire day doing nothing. The way you start your day can have a big impact on how you spend the rest of it. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy ways to get […]