Workplace Hack: The Personal Kanban – More Than Just a To-Do List

Staying on top of to-do lists can be a nightmare. We tend to have such a variety of tasks, that consist of several different stages, that keeping track of them all becomes incredibly difficult. And what about the tasks you’ve completed? Once they’re done, we tend to delete or cross out tasks from our lists, […]

Workplace Hack: Boost Productivity with Regular Web Browsing

When you’re constantly connected to the internet, its easy to get distracted. Yes you’ll do some work, just after you’ve checked Facebook, read the news, watched this video of kittens… But did you know that surfing the web when you’re feeling tired at work can actually boost productivity?

How head trash can nuke you before you start

You have a secret enemy. And it’s in your head. Yes, right now limiting beliefs are stopping you cold. They’re stopping you from reaching for your goals, not just reaching them. If you’ve ever had that, “Oh, I can’t do that” thought, you have head trash. OK, scratch that—if you’re human, you have head trash.

5 Simple Rules to Supercharge Your Memory

Can’t remember where you left your car keys or your kids favourite brand of cereal? There’s no way around the fact that as we get older, memory erodes and it gets harder to recall information. However, it is not impossible to boost your memory power and improve your ability to recall what you need to. […]

13 Things You Need to Give Up to Be Productive

Are you really productive at the office? I mean, REALLY productive? I’ll bet there are a million things going on in your life and office that stop you from getting ALL THE THINGS done. You need some new productivity and life hacks before your productivity levels go on a free fall.

Why Your Team Should Try a 4-Day Workweek

We all want to live the dream of the 4-hour workweek, an idea made popular by author Tim Ferriss who preaches the idea of working smart and being rich in time, not just money. For most people, however, the idea of a four hour workweek sounds too much like a fantasy. But what about a […]

The Secret To Reducing Stress At The Office

When you and your stakeholders don’t see eye-to-eye on the timing of communications and deadlines —stress happens! To help you prevent frustration and feel more in control, here’s expert advice from Elizabeth Grace Saunders, CEO of Real Life E®, a company that provides time coaching and training services that help government leaders feel peaceful and […]

If You Snooze, You Really Do Lose

Everyone has a busy schedule with varying excuses as to why being an earlier riser isn’t “for them.” However, waking up early can make all the difference in how the rest of your day unfolds by giving you more energy and focus. Yes! There are many, many perks associated with being an early riser.

27 Productivity Tips & Lifehacks from the Pros

Ever feel like there’s too much work at the end of your week? Me too. I wanted to know how to get more done without working 24/7. So, I decided to consult the experts and find some of the best tips online today. Without further ado, here they are! 1. “Only plan for 4-5 hours […]