Throw Out Your To Do List Right Now (Yes, Really)

There are a plethora of to-do apps out there today. The old pen and paper is almost a distant memory for some and it seems like there is always someone trying to build a cooler looking to-do app every week. We’ve come to accept that a to-do list is the first step to being productive. […]

5 Ways to Make Working from Home Great for Business

It’s a thorny issue isn’t it? To let your employees work remotely or not. Yahoo made headlines when Marissa Mayer joined as CEO and banned working from home. Yet so many other businesses allow it, saying it increases productivity. So who’s right? Well, it really depends on how your business manages it. Here are five […]

Organising your contacts with labels

Organising your contacts with labels is the easiest way to group contacts together by their current status or by a demographic factor. With Contactzilla it’s super easy to do. Select your contacts by clicking the check box (or by using alt/shift on your keyboard) Click the “apply label” menu item Either add a new label by […]

How a digital agency manages client contacts with their team

Simpleweb is a real time digital agency in Bristol that builds innovative technical solutions for startups and the enterprise.  The Simpleweb team is 12 strong and the original creators of ContactZilla.  Their ethos is based on the foundation of good teamwork and strong collaboration.  One of the ways they ensure they work together efficiently is […]

Simple changes, big difference: de-duping contacts

At ContactZilla, our premise is all about making contacts accessible for you and your business.  To make your life even easier, we’re constantly thinking of new ways to make ContactZilla an easy to use, indispensible tool, but most importantly simple.  For us, the best things are simple. We’ve got big plans and a busy development […]