The Best Customer Service Advice You’ve Never Heard

Great customer service is no longer optional. With so many competitors vying for your customers’ attention, you need to do everything you can to make your customers happy. Amazing customer service is a great way to stand out from the crowd, and can be the difference between you being ‘just another company’ or a market leader. Zappos […]

Warning: Putting Your Customers First Is A Big Mistake

“Customer centricity” is popular terminology in the customer service arena today, and it refers to a company-wide focus on the customer. Everyone in the company and everything the company does – every business process, every department – has the customer in mind at all times. It is a powerful way for a company to operate […]

7 Ways Customer Service Can Help Close More Deals

Have you ever been speaking with a customer and everything’s been going really well, but just when you think you’re about to close the deal, they back out? It’s a frustrating scenario, and unfortunately it happens all the time. By putting a proper CRM strategy in place, however, you can help cut down on the […]