How to automatically add business cards to address books

Recently, a few of you have been asking about uploading business cards to Contactzilla. We know what it’s like. I get handed dozens of business cards every week and if I’m not careful, I’ve lost half of them within what feels like minutes. I’ve just discovered Evernote’s business card scanner and it’s perfect for adding […]

Collaborate on Your Business Contacts to Build Stronger Relationships

Do you keep your business contacts guarded like a secret weapon? You worked so hard to build those relationships and you want to take credit for them, right? In my experience, collaborating with my team on business contacts makes for a much more productive work environment and helps us to strengthen our business relationships. Here’s […]

Getting real and make friends, not contacts

When it comes to storing every little social detail about a contact (in a database, CRM or even a spreadsheet) the 37 Signals Getting Real Book always pops into my mind. In the chapter “Forget Feature Requests“, it discusses (preaches) how feature requests from customers, should be forgotten: “So what do you do with all […]

ZillaSync: Get your contacts on the move with CardDAV

Until now, ContactZilla has been available on all your desktop devices.  We’ve been working on some nifty development allowing ContactZilla to be synced via cardDAV with your mobile devices. Now you can get all your ContactZilla contacts on the move – anytime, anywhere. Your contacts, anywhere ZillaSync, the name we’ve fondly given the feature, is […]

How a digital agency manages client contacts with their team

Simpleweb is a real time digital agency in Bristol that builds innovative technical solutions for startups and the enterprise.  The Simpleweb team is 12 strong and the original creators of ContactZilla.  Their ethos is based on the foundation of good teamwork and strong collaboration.  One of the ways they ensure they work together efficiently is […]

Simple changes, big difference: de-duping contacts

At ContactZilla, our premise is all about making contacts accessible for you and your business.  To make your life even easier, we’re constantly thinking of new ways to make ContactZilla an easy to use, indispensible tool, but most importantly simple.  For us, the best things are simple. We’ve got big plans and a busy development […]