How to Organize Your Contacts to Unite Your Team

As businesses grow, there’s a tendency for different departments to grow apart. How often does your HR team talk to sales? When do your web developers work with the accounts department? As departments drift apart, different people end up keeping track of only the business contacts they think they need, and everyone ends up with […]

Kick Consumer Contact Management Out of the Workplace

Managing your network has never been more important. With an increasing number of opportunities to meet people online (and offline), now is the time to get organised with your contact management. A well organised contact management system like Contactzilla can save you time, help you to build stronger business relationships and improve communication and collaboration […]

How to automatically add business cards to address books

Recently, a few of you have been asking about uploading business cards to Contactzilla. We know what it’s like. I get handed dozens of business cards every week and if I’m not careful, I’ve lost half of them within what feels like minutes. I’ve just discovered Evernote’s business card scanner and it’s perfect for adding […]

Meet the Kindle and T-Shirt Winners!

A special congratulations goes out to Ian from BetTech Gaming who takes home the all new Kindle Paperwhite, followed by five lucky ‘Zilla’s who took home a very rare ContactZilla T-Shirt. Keep a look out for the following recipients. ContactZilla T-Shirts are closer than they appear. Andrew – Hilton Wordwide Rebecca – Gensler Matthew – […]

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4 Ways to Own Your Customer Relationships

When a salesman I regularly buy from left his last job, he took a copy of his client list. See what he did there? He owned the relationship he had with me and all of his customers so that when it came time for him to move on, he brought most of us with him. […]

Product Update – Notes and reverse name display

We’re constantly improving Contactzilla based on your feedback and our vision of the best contact management system for businesses. Here’s what’s been updated or added recently. Notes We’ve had a lot of people asking us for the ability to add notes to a contact… Notes have been on our radar for a while and while […]

Workplace Hack: Set Individual Improvement Goals

Is your team running on autopilot? Jolt them out of their boredom by asking everyone to choose one improvement they’d like to make to their working lives. It might be implementing Inbox Zero for their email, learning CSS, or even reorganising the stationery cupboard! Give everyone a little time to work on individual improvement goals […]

Organising your contacts with labels

Organising your contacts with labels is the easiest way to group contacts together by their current status or by a demographic factor. With Contactzilla it’s super easy to do. Select your contacts by clicking the check box (or by using alt/shift on your keyboard) Click the “apply label” menu item Either add a new label by […]

How much does CRM cost a small business and what are the hidden costs?

How much does CRM cost a small business and what are the hidden costs? Looking at the price plans and features that will save us “time and money”, give us a “paradigm shift” in the way we work, allow us to do something that we didn’t know that we needed to, we often overlook how […]

Getting real and make friends, not contacts

When it comes to storing every little social detail about a contact (in a database, CRM or even a spreadsheet) the 37 Signals Getting Real Book always pops into my mind. In the chapter “Forget Feature Requests“, it discusses (preaches) how feature requests from customers, should be forgotten: “So what do you do with all […]