Organising your contacts with labels

Organising your contacts with labels is the easiest way to group contacts together by their current status or by a demographic factor. With Contactzilla it’s super easy to do.

  1. Select your contacts by clicking the check box (or by using alt/shift on your keyboard)
  2. Click the “apply label” menu item
  3. Either add a new label by clicking the “Manage Labels” button or select an existing label
  4. Your selected contacts will get labeled right there in front of you in real time
Applying a label in Contaczilla
Applying labels to multiple contacts is easy and fast

Displaying the contacts that you’ve labeled is just as easy. If you want to show the contacts that you’ve labeled “client” and “vip”, click the “select by label” drop down box and you choose which labels you want to filter by. It lets you build very complex queries very quickly.

Filtering contacts in Contactzilla
Filtering contacts with labels allows you to make complex queries

You’ll notice in the above screenshot that labels are displayed differently depending on the view you have enabled (dots in this case), this is because in “card view” we still wanted to give you an overview of how you’ve organised your contacts without cluttering the available space. Colouring your labels is important (and strangely compelling), now you know why. 🙂

We think the way that we’ve implemented the labels is really useful, but we’re always looking at ways to improve them. What could we do make them work better for you?

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