contactzilla + office365

Connect and sync everything

One click to import all your Office365 contacts

Seamless desktop and device syncing

Secure syncing that just works…

If somebody at work adds or updates a contact in the office address book, or on the Contactzilla website, the whole team and all of their devices get updated straightaway. Contactzilla uses CardDAV which is fully supported by Apple with Google and Microsoft close behind. With a simple plugin or app almost every client is supported from Outlook, Android, EM, Thunderbird, etc.

Cross Platform

Contactzilla has been designed from the ground up to work on desktop and mobiles. Making accessing your contacts super easy on every device.

Simple workflows

Unlike CRM systems, Contactzilla focuses on centralising an organisations contacts, hiding complex systems from 80% of employees, and integrating with existing workflow.

Only $5 per user per month

No credit card needed until your 30 day free trial has finished.

For any registered charities we offer great discounts. Just sign up as normal and then contact us.