Improving the little things

We recently put a new release online, sorry for the delay in the update here. It was a maintenance release where we’ve been improving the little things including some bug fixes and a few minor UX enhancements. We’re gearing up for a full release in May so iterating over the small things and improving them before we add any new features is a very important step. Stability and ease of use are our main focus, we’re feeling good.

Splitting out the private and shared address books in the sidebar, and making the contact action bar permanently visible so that users can see the merge and delete options in the contact list. You’ll also notice our new mascot replacing the old one as discussed in this post.

  • Fix “\” appearing in notes and addresses.
  • Fix plural issue of Delete Contacts and Copy Contacts button on single view page.
  • Fix lower case issue when adding labels causing label not to be ticked and causing confusion.
  • Fix address saving with no data causing a blank address.
  • Improve layout of address book picker to split into shared and private.
  • Login issue with some accounts. Case sensitivity issue. Added help note.
  • Check boxes should work as checkboxes.
  • Make merge, delete bar visible even when not clicked a contact.
  • Debugging support for card dav.
  • Fix length of url display in contact detail view.

The next update should be a little more weighty… 🙂