Hootsuite and Contactzilla Team Up to Elevate Contact Management with Social Listening

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Hootsuite on a new integration that helps businesses manage social relationships more effectively.

The integration combines Contactzilla’s shared address books and contact management with Hootsuite’s extensive social dashboard to form a seamless user experience. In addition to benefiting sales and customer service teams, the integration is useful for monitoring and recording brand mentions, identifying and contacting influencers and for journalists managing leads in the field.

The Contactzilla-Hootsuite integration helps businesses:

  • Identify leads and share them with colleagues. Users can save contact details for potential sales, customer service or marketing leads to multiple address books that can be shared with other team members across departments.
  • Save social posts as ‘notes’ against leads. Users can save social posts (e.g. individual Tweets or Facebook posts) as notes against contacts in shared address books, making it easy for sales or customer service agents to follow up.
  • Gain insight into what works and what doesn’t. The address book activity stream in Hootsuite means users can see when notes are added to contacts, learning which leads are working out and which aren’t.

The Hootsuite and Contactzilla app integration will be extremely useful for businesses using social media teams to locate leads, customer feedback, influencers or brand mentions. With Contactzilla shared address books, users will be able to save leads and share them with relevant departments who can follow up on them.

So how will Contactzilla and Hootsuite users use the app?

  • Social media teams can save contact details for sales leads to shared address books, so sales teams can follow up.
  • Social media teams can save social posts about their company to shared address books so customer service teams can follow up.
  • Journalists can find and save leads and share them with reporters in the field.
  • Sales reps & customer support teams can add notes before after following up leads. This is displayed in the address book activity stream so managers and social media teams can see which leads work and which don’t.
  • Realtors can identify potential customers through social listening without having to switch between platforms.

You can take advantage of the integration today by downloading the Contactzilla app from the Hootsuite app directory.

For more information on how to use the application, visit our FAQs.

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