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Seamless desktop and device syncing

Contactzilla synchronizes between all of your devices

If somebody at work adds or updates a contact in the office address book, or on the Contactzilla website, the whole team and all of their devices get updated straightaway. Contactzilla uses CardDAV which is fully supported by Apple with Google and Microsoft close behind. With a simple plugin or app almost every client is supported from Outlook, Android, EM, Thunderbird, etc.

256bit SSL encryption

We use 256bit SSL encryption

Your privacy and security is paramount to us. Every connection to Contactzilla is encrypted giving you peace of mind that your contact data is safe and secure while you’re managing your contacts whether at work or out and about.

Import from social networks and a growing number of applications

We use 256bit SSL encryption

Contactzilla makes it easy to import from a wide range of social networks and online applications, including FreeAgent, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, MailChimp, Plaxo, LinkedIn and CSV.

Super simple de-duplication of contacts

We use 256bit SSL encryption

When you import from any source, Contactzilla does a great job of de-duplicating your contacts based on social data, email addresses and phone numbers, the kind of stuff that is unique to a person. There’s also another “softer” de-duping algorithm that “labels” your duplicates so you can merge manually or you can just click “de-dupe”.