We create features to solve our customers’ problems

Unlimited address books

Have as many address books as you like

Mobile device syncing

Sync your address books with your device so your contacts are always up to date across all platforms

SSL encryption to keep your contacts secure

Did we mention it’s super secure? Every connection to Contactzilla runs through 256bit SSL

Import your contacts

Import contacts from social networks and a fast growing number of business tools, and intelligent CSV import for LinkedIn, Outlook and Salesforce

Powerful labelling and filtering for organizing contacts

Multiple display and sorting options

Keep track of where contacts came from with auto-labelling

It's your data

You can easily export your data in a CSV format whenever you need it

No more duplicates

Intelligent de-duping to identify and merge duplicate contacts

Easy set up

No software to install, just create an account and get started

Notes and Documents

Store notes and documents with each contact to share with your team

All features

Address Books

  • Address book syncing for any device that supports CardDAV (Google, iPhone / iOS, Android, Outlook and Mac OS X)
  • Intelligent deduping to identify and merge duplicate contacts
  • Unlimited anniversary fields, addresses, numbers, emails, social accounts, per contact
  • Copy contacts between address books
  • Address book cover images
  • Bulk add, edit, delete, merge contacts
  • Keyboard shortcuts


Team features

  • Multiple user access
  • Unlimited users per address book
  • Admin, read/write, or read only user access


  • SAAS based platform with no software installs
  • Log-in with via email, Twitter or Google
  • Easy to set up on mobile and desktop devices
  • SAML integration
  • Weekly email digest of activity to users
  • Encrypted web connection
  • Device, iOS, OSX, CardDAV contact sync


 Service Integrations

  • Export to CSV
  • Import from CSV
  • Import from Freeagent
  • Import from Twitter
  • Import from Gmail
  • Import from Mailchimp
  • Import from Office365
  • Import from iPhone
  • Import from Android
  • Import from Slack

Sorting and Searching

  • Powerful labelling and filtering for organizing contacts
  • Smart labels
    • Labels contacts with no email addresses
    • Labels contacts without phone numbers
    • Labels contacts with no addresses
    • Labels contacts with notes attached (coming soon)
    • Labels contact


Notes and Documents

  • Add multiple notes to a contacts
  • List of all notes in address book
  • Attach document from GDrive (coming soon)
  • Attach documents from DropBox (coming soon)

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