3 Steps to Finding Your Ideal Customer

So, you have a product or a service and now you want to sell it. You put your business management hats on and come up with elaborate sales and marketing strategies. You throw around phrases like social media, SEO, inbound and outbound marketing, and you feel like you are getting somewhere. Then someone says the […]

How to Kick Some Serious Butt with Traditional and Social CRM

See if this scenario sounds familiar: your customer relationship management has been working its butt off to send out direct marketing campaigns, calling customers, and collecting data, but none of it is working. Guess what? You probably need some social skills.

9 CRM Mistakes That Will Sink Your Business

Customer relationship management (CRM) is often treated as an arms-length tactic from your overall business strategy. Not directly integrated – but vital to growth. That said, despite the volume of content that’s been written to date on the subject of CRM, it still seems as though it’s not quite living up to its promise.

How much does CRM cost a small business and what are the hidden costs?

How much does CRM cost a small business and what are the hidden costs? Looking at the price plans and features that will save us “time and money”, give us a “paradigm shift” in the way we work, allow us to do something that we didn’t know that we needed to, we often overlook how […]

Getting real and make friends, not contacts

When it comes to storing every little social detail about a contact (in a database, CRM or even a spreadsheet) the 37 Signals Getting Real Book always pops into my mind. In the chapter “Forget Feature Requests“, it discusses (preaches) how feature requests from customers, should be forgotten: “So what do you do with all […]

Social contact management: connecting the real and the social

How many social media profiles do you have?  One, two, three, four or five?  More?  What’s your social contact management toolbox looking like? We’ve all got at least two or three plus all your usual ways of contact such as phone, email and home or work address. So that’s at least five or six different […]

That old chestnut: “what’s Mr Smith’s email address again?”

How many times a day do you get asked by one of your colleagues ‘have you got John’s phone number?’. Often? Thought so. Typically, one member of the team doesn’t have full contact details for that hot new prospect, the contacts spreadsheet isn’t quite up-to-date or they’re out on the run and don’t have his […]