Mastering Global Business Connections with Carl Kirchhoff

In our latest Networking Success interview we chat to Carl Kirchhoff. A former athlete turned tech entrepreneur, advisor, investor and mentor, his strategic vision and deep understanding of relationships have fueled his ascent in the global tech world. At the heart of his ventures is, an AI powered platform revolutionising how businesses connect and […]

How to setup PeopleSync App to sync Contactzilla using CardDAV on Android

Contactzilla works best with the native iPhone or Mac Contacts CardDAV, however, it’s possible to get Contactzilla working on Android with the addition of a third-party app. One such app is PeopleSync which can be found in the Android Play Store and it works great for syncing your business contacts between your team on android […]

Empowering Women in AI with Gelareh Taghizadeh

“Human connections go beyond a simple list of contacts. They form a network of support, inspiration, and chances for growth.” How does one journey from the realm of AI theory to the frontlines of applied AI innovation? In our latest Networking Success interview, Gelareh Taghizadeh reveals one of her secret ingredients: Prioritising human connections. Gelareh’s […]

Header image featuring Techstars Allstar mentor Geoffrey Nicholson.

Networking Success with Techstars All-Star Mentor Geoffrey Nicholson

In our ongoing series looking at how successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and startup mentors have leveraged networking to further their careers, we chat with Geoffrey Nicholson – An expert in bridging technology and financial services, Geoffrey has held influential roles across the Americas and Europe and is a TechStars All-Star mentor (Considered to be in […]

Improve Business Relationships with our 3-Step Plan

How many business contacts do you have, and how often do you speak to them? Regular interaction is key to improving business relationships. In the realm of business, the breadth of your network is important, yet the depth of your connections defines its true worth. Networking and making connections is one thing, and if you’re […]

How to Build Better Business Relationships

“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming. But great business relationships last a lifetime.” Richard Branson In my frequent encounters with new and intriguing individuals, I’ve learned the importance of building better business relationships. I collect business cards like they’re going out of fashion, a habit that inspired the creation of Contactzilla. […]

Innovative CRM strategies with business leader Scott Cundill

As we automate our interactions, are we drifting away from authentic human connection? This question sets the stage for our discussion with Scott Cundill, a pioneer in rethinking how we make genuine connections amidst digital noise. With almost three decades of experience in the CRM and marketing industry, Scott has cemented his status as a […]

How to Encourage Collaboration in Multidisciplinary Teams

Encouraging teamwork and coordination across departments can be challenging, especially when it involves bringing together individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds to complete a project. To facilitate this, we need strategies that not only encourage teamwork but also bridge the gaps between different teams. Here are some tips for building truly optimizing collaboration in multidisciplinary […]

How to Battle the Post Lunch Slump | Avoid feeling sleepy in the afternoon

At Contactzilla HQ, we understand the struggle of the after lunch crash. Despite providing our team with hearty, healthy sandwiches and soups for lunch—a delicious perk we all love—it’s common to find ourselves battling drowsiness and a lack of concentration in the hours that follow! One particularly lazy afternoon, I decided to do some research […]

11 Business Management Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Hey, no one said it was easy. Not everyone is born to be a leader or manage a company. You learn as you go along. You can read blogs and books, or learn directly from mentors and leaders, but sometimes you just have to learn it the hard way. Here are 11 business management lessons […]