How to setup PeopleSync App to sync Contactzilla using CardDAV on Android

Contactzilla works best with the native iPhone or Mac Contacts CardDAV, however, it’s possible to get Contactzilla working on Android with the addition of a third-party app. One such app is PeopleSync which can be found in the Android Play Store and it works great for syncing your business contacts between your team on android […]

How to Build Better Business Relationships

“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming. But great business relationships last a lifetime.” Richard Branson In my frequent encounters with new and intriguing individuals, I’ve learned the importance of building better business relationships. I collect business cards like they’re going out of fashion, a habit that inspired the creation of Contactzilla. […]

11 Business Management Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Hey, no one said it was easy. Not everyone is born to be a leader or manage a company. You learn as you go along. You can read blogs and books, or learn directly from mentors and leaders, but sometimes you just have to learn it the hard way. Here are 11 business management lessons […]

New Feature: Team Based Permissions

In a continued effort to build the best contact manager for small teams and businesses, we’ve just launched what we feel is a great new feature in the battle over managing your contacts. What feature, you ask? Team based permissions on a per address book level! It’s now possible to assign multiple administrators to an […]

Select All Function Now Available

We’ve just added a “select all” function to ContactZilla address books so you can quickly and easily edit contacts in bulk. When you look at an address book, you will now see a checkbox in the top right hand corner telling you how many contacts you’ve selected. To select all your contacts, simply check the […]

A veritable wonderland of improvements

CZ v2.0 has only been out 3 weeks and already we’ve got a veritable wonderland of improvements. We’ve renamed “Spaces” to “Address Books” – ok, ok, we know. We should’ve done this to start with. We’ve really sped up the scrolling in the contact list. A lot. The contact list has two views. Compact and […]