Quick guide: Convert VCF to CSV

Convert vCard (VCF) files to CSV format with ease using this comprehensive guide. Learn various methods including Google Contacts, Windows, and online tools to ensure your contacts are efficiently managed and accessible. Ideal for syncing contacts across devices, integrating with CRM systems, and organizing contact data.

Quick Guide: Convert CSV to vCard Format – 2024 update

Learn how to convert CSV files to vCard format for seamless contact management across various platforms. This guide covers multiple methods including Google Contacts, Mac Contacts, Windows Contacts, and online converters. Understand the benefits and compatibility of different vCard versions to ensure efficient contact transfers.

How to Encourage Collaboration in Multidisciplinary Teams

Encouraging teamwork and coordination across departments can be challenging, especially when it involves bringing together individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds to complete a project. To facilitate this, we need strategies that not only encourage teamwork but also bridge the gaps between different teams. Here are some tips for building truly optimizing collaboration in multidisciplinary […]

How to Battle the Post Lunch Slump | Avoid feeling sleepy in the afternoon

At Contactzilla HQ, we understand the struggle of the after lunch crash. Despite providing our team with hearty, healthy sandwiches and soups for lunch—a delicious perk we all love—it’s common to find ourselves battling drowsiness and a lack of concentration in the hours that follow! One particularly lazy afternoon, I decided to do some research […]