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The Art of Authentic Networking with Gillian Kerr

“One random message on LinkedIn where I said yes to meeting someone I had never met, led to the last 12 great years of business, collaborations, and friendships.”  This week on Networking Success, Gillian Kerr reveals the extraordinary impact of welcoming unexpected encounters. A global business strategist, founder and mentor, Gillian traces her journey spanning […]

Networking for Business Growth with Kevin R Smith

My career has evolved around one contact and opportunity leading to another and another, all opening up doors along the way. Here lies the profound impact of networking. In our latest Networking Success interview, we speak to Kevin R Smith, the Founder & CEO of BOOM & Partners, a multi award-winning boutique business consultancy dedicated […]

Find Business Contacts: Best Places for Networking

Contacts are at the centre of any business. Whether they’re your team, customers, suppliers, investors or influencers, your business contacts can make or break you. In a previous post, we looked at how you can build meaningful business relationships that last In a rapidly changing professional landscape, maintaining and expanding one’s network has become increasingly […]

How to Organize your Contacts | Guide to Business Contact Organization

Discover the benefits of organizing your business contacts efficiently to improve marketing efforts, enhance customer relationships, and boost sales. This blog post outlines practical steps for contact management, including centralizing, categorizing, and securing your contacts. Learn how to streamline communication, enhance productivity, and maintain ongoing updates for a well-managed contact database. Perfect for businesses looking to optimize their networking and relationship-building efforts.

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From inventor to inspirational business leader with Solvej Biddle

How do you turn a spark of an idea into a multi-award-winning international brand? In our latest Networking Success interview, Solvej Biddle shares her outstanding journey. She recognised a common challenge she faced as a parent and transformed it into an innovative solution for families worldwide. She secured partnerships with industry giants and became a […]

Mastering Global Business Connections with Carl Kirchhoff

In our latest Networking Success interview we chat to Carl Kirchhoff. A former athlete turned tech entrepreneur, advisor, investor and mentor, his strategic vision and deep understanding of relationships have fueled his ascent in the global tech world. At the heart of his ventures is Turnbull.app, an AI powered platform revolutionising how businesses connect and […]

Empowering Women in AI with Gelareh Taghizadeh

“Human connections go beyond a simple list of contacts. They form a network of support, inspiration, and chances for growth.” How does one journey from the realm of AI theory to the frontlines of applied AI innovation? In our latest Networking Success interview, Gelareh Taghizadeh reveals one of her secret ingredients: Prioritising human connections. Gelareh’s […]

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Networking Success with Techstars All-Star Mentor Geoffrey Nicholson

In our ongoing series looking at how successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and startup mentors have leveraged networking to further their careers, we chat with Geoffrey Nicholson – An expert in bridging technology and financial services, Geoffrey has held influential roles across the Americas and Europe and is a TechStars All-Star mentor (Considered to be in […]

Improve Business Relationships with our 3-Step Plan

How many business contacts do you have, and how often do you speak to them? Regular interaction is key to improving business relationships. In the realm of business, the breadth of your network is important, yet the depth of your connections defines its true worth. Networking and making connections is one thing, and if you’re […]

Innovative CRM strategies with business leader Scott Cundill

As we automate our interactions, are we drifting away from authentic human connection? This question sets the stage for our discussion with Scott Cundill, a pioneer in rethinking how we make genuine connections amidst digital noise. With almost three decades of experience in the CRM and marketing industry, Scott has cemented his status as a […]

Contact management vs CRM: Is CRM Software too Complex for Your Business?

Navigating the sea of online tools for managing contacts and customers can feel overwhelming. The internet is awash with products that can help you, but that do slightly different things. From social CRM through to shared address books, the features of these products overlap, yet cater to diverse needs. For any small business looking to […]